Ben French

Position: Psychologist
Service Reach: Hobart
Qualifications: Masters of Professional Psychology; Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)
Categories: Compensation Comcare, EAP, Medicare
Location: Hobart, TAS

Professional experience

Ben provides evidence-based psychological therapies to adolescents and adults. He has three years of clinical experience, during which he developed his expertise by providing treatment to individuals spanning all age groups.

His professional journey has been marked by a focus on delivering targeted interventions to individuals from the ages of 12 to 25, addressing a wide spectrum of challenges encompassing social, occupational, vocational, and family-related issues.

He has supported clients living with anxiety, mood-related issues, stress, trauma, relationship difficulties, and self-esteem issues. His collaborative spirit shines through, having worked effectively in multidisciplinary teams, where he actively contributed to delivering counselling and care coordination to individuals dealing with severe and complex mental illnesses. Ben’s approach is characterised by compassion and authenticity, setting the tone for a therapeutic environment that fosters trust and understanding.


  • Music
  • Sport
  • Travel

What Ben loves about working in mental health

“Seeing the change in people as they strengthen their self-efficacy and self-determination. I distinctly enjoy contributing to and sharing in that process.”

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