Girl making speech with microphone experiencing social anxiety

Do you suffer from social anxiety, or are you just shy?

If you went out onto the street, stopped the first person you found and asked them what the difference is between social anxiety and shyness, there’s a good chance you’d be there awhile.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Most people don’t know the difference. In fact, some people even use social anxiety and shyness interchangeably, but that’s wrong.

Social anxiety is a serious disorder that can affect your quality of life to a point where you have to change the way you live. Fortunately, anxiety counselling can help!

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PTSD psychologist talking to female client

Trauma and PTSD: what they are and what help is available

Humans are no strangers to experiencing traumatic events. At some point in your life, you might come across something that unsettles you, if you haven’t already.

Trauma can be caused by all kinds of events. This includes losing a loved one, witnessing an accident on the road, being assaulted or being emotionally or physically abused.

Trauma can be ‘triggered’ by what we see or hear in the media. It can also be triggered by neglect, having a near-death experience or witnessing or hearing a recount of another person’s traumatic event.

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Psychological client at home asking questions to psychologist

Five common questions about seeing a psychologist answered

Your very first psychologist appointment can be a challenging experience to navigate, and it’s not unusual to feel anxious or nervous before your first few sessions.

Finding your way to a new place, learning how to log into a telehealth system, meeting someone new or not knowing what lies ahead can be daunting.

When you throw in the fact that you have to open up and talk about your current struggles and challenges, it can feel like a recipe for stress and anxiety.

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Smiling female office worker at desk how can EAPs help employees

Why employers should use an EAP to look after their employees’ mental health

To say the past two years have been tough for businesses is an understatement. Most have been left trying to survive, let alone thrive.

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the working landscape, bringing about fresh challenges for employers to deal with.

A key challenge has been looking after the mental health of employees, especially with a workforce that has been left reeling from two years of change and uncertainty.

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Two people sitting down on sofas holding a conversation busting pychology myths

Debunking common myths about visiting a psychologist

If you’ve never seen a psychologist, the thought of visiting one, or even just thinking about it, can feel daunting and like a huge step.

You may just be nervous about the unknown, or find the concept of having a deep conversation with someone you don’t know unsettling.

Either-way, if you’re hesitant and are finding excuses for not wanting to see a psychologist, we thought we’d debunk some age-old myths.

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General Practitioner sitting at desk filling out psychology referral

What GPs should know about using Access Psych

After trying self-care remedies, general practitioners are often the next port of call for people suffering from mental health problems.

In 2021 alone, over 3 million Australians – 13% of the population – visited a GP for their mental health, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

People have been seeing their GPs for mental health problems for a while, too, according to the Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health survey.

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