Purva Gadhia

Position: Counsellor / Psychotherapist
Service Reach: Geelong
Qualifications: Master of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Bachelor of psychological science, Certificate in Counselling, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Categories: Compensation NSW, Compensation VIC, EAP, Private Paying, Telehealth
Location: Geelong

Professional experience

Purva is a Psychotherapist with extensive clinical experience spanning various settings. At a pain management clinic, she utilised Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and applied neurology principles to assist clients in managing chronic pain. She has also supported job seekers by helping them manage their mental health, facilitating their return to the workforce or entry into new job markets.

As a school counsellor, Purva delivered tailored interventions to support students aged 12-18, helping them navigate the challenges of adolescence and puberty. Purva employed applied neuropsychology principles to create personalised study plans for students, offering psychotherapy during exams to promote high achievement and sustained quality of life. She also developed psychoeducation plans addressing women’s issues, particularly focusing on body image concerns.

In her most recent role, Purva contributed to the creation of various business assets, including resources for clients, internal documentation, policies, and procedures. She also played a key role in providing administrative support for the development of presentations, showcasing her versatility and dedication to enhancing mental health services across different domains.

Purva speaks Hindi and Gujarati.


  • Exploring new places
  • Music and cooking
  • Games nights with family and friends

What Purva loves about working in mental health

“I love seeing how the choices people make shape their lives far more than their abilities. Guiding individuals through their challenges and helping them realise the power of their decisions is incredibly rewarding. Every conscious choice towards growth reaffirms my dedication to this vital field.”

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